This microsite includes survey instruments that can be used
to document youth’s experience of connected learning.

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Connected Learning Principles

A survey for measuring youth experiences of interest-related activities according to the principles of connected learning

Program Experiences

A survey of youth’s experiences in programs designed to promote connected learning

Connected Learning Outcomes

A survey for measuring potential outcomes of connected learning

Experiences of Interest-related Pursuits

An interview protocol for eliciting youth experiences of how interest-related activities develop and prepare youth for their imagined futures

To download the full connected learning survey, click here.

Principles : Levels of Depth

For each of the principles, we have defined maps that describe deeper and less deep experiences of connected learning. Below, you can see how we have characterized the deepest levels for each construct.

These different levels of depth permit you to document ways
that individual youth experience varies. >> Read More

Using The Instruments

These reports present validity and reliability data
about the instruments and describe how best to use them.

Our Team

Katie Van Horne

We developed our survey items in collaboration with both members of the Connected Learning Research Network and a group of youth helped us pilot test and refine our items to make them both youth-friendly and closely aligned to the Connected Learning model.


Bill Penuel

We collaborated with educators and youth from Hive New York and the Colorado Alliance For Creative Youth Development to brainstorm what youth might say or do that reveal evidence for outcomes that educators and youth care about in their programs. These outcome items are now reflected in the outcome and the program experience items.


Vera Michalchik

We followed an evidence-centered design approach to developing items. In evidence-centered design, developers begin with defining the constructs to be measured, and then develop items intended to elicit students’ experiences relative to those constructs. We used pilot data to refine both our items and constructs and to assess the validity and reliability of our items.


As a courtesy, we ask that you let us know how you will be using these instruments by emailing These research tools are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 License (CC BY 3.0). Please link back to when using or citing this work.